Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voorhees Field Hockey

The Voorhees Field Hockey team is having an amazing season. Greta was a starter on the JV team, which ended their season with only one loss. She and a few of the other outstanding fire-balls [you have to see how fast these girls are] were moved up to Varisity towards the end of the regular season and now are heading to the State finals.

The team won the Hunterdon Warren Tournament, and Greta's cousin Erica was awarded the MVP [this excites me to no end, as I was the one who gave Erica a field hockey stick here at my house when she would come for afterschool care as a third grader....the next season Erica joined the Junior Field Hockey team we had started and has matured into an incredible player.

Greta has gotten some Varsity playing time and the group of sophmores that have been moved up are going to be the push to keep Voorhees Field Hockey as dominant of a team as they are right now.

The group of seniors are all good friends of Katrina. We started a Junior field hockey team [my friend Alison and I] when the girls were 4th graders and Greta was the youngest player on that first season team as a 2nd grader. Sadly, only two girls from the original team are still playing, Tori Santagata and Greta Hintz. Katrina dropped out of field hockey two seasons ago. Her asthma and her desire were just not there [she hated the drama and two years ago the drama on the team was horrible] Fortunately, the team this year is a group of hard working, very focused, incredibly athletic and mature girls [none of that catty stuff that can destroy a girls sports team as seen in the past few years].

I wonder what the team would be like if the core group of girls were still playing. The Lagola twins, Katrina, Stephanie and Lindsay....they were all an amazing group of young athletes.

But the wonderful thing is that the spirit of the team is one that is so positive and determined and very skilled. These girls have speed....and amazing stick handling.

So I am rambling on this spot to add a bunch of newspaper clippings so that I can located them easily for when I find the time to add to Greta's scrapbook!

Go Vikes!!!!!


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